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Right Way Down and Other Poems

Coming Soon: 2/27/2024!

Stand on your head with Sally Murphy, explode some dynamite with Cristy Burne or shoot some hoops with Cheryl Kickett-Tucker. Grow a poet-tree with Meg McKinlay or curl up next to your cat with Amber Moffat and watch a bit of Stink-o-Vision with James Foley. These and loads more poems by Australian poets are there to discover in Right Way Down. With striking illustrations by Briony Stewart, these poems will have you laughing, thinking, and playing with words – whichever way up you read them.

Poets in this collection include:

Jake Bamford; Cass Lynch; James Foley; Renae Hayward; Rebecca M. Newman; Amber Moffat; Teena Raffa-Mulligan; Jake Dennis; Christabel Seneque; Suzanne Gratwick; Louise Burlinson; Sioban Timmer; Sharron Hough; Rebecca Grant; Nanci Nott; Nadia L. King; Monty Edwards; Michael Buckingham Gray; Cass Lynch; Lisa Van Der Wielen; Abbey Fields; S. E. Dennis; Carol Millner; A.J. Betts; Barbara Helena Hostalek; Kaz Campbell; Julie Watts; Xanthe Turner; Alison A. Ferguson; Cindy Lane; Meg McKinlay; Cheryl Kickett-Tucker; Xanthe Turner; Jen Banyard; Cristy Burne; Dianne Wolfer; Sally Morgan; Sally Murphy (plus illustrator Briony Stewart!)

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